Scotch-Brite 2-in-1 Bucket Spin Mop (Green, 2 Refills)

Scotch-Brite 2-in-1 Bucket Spin Mop (Green, 2 Refills)

Twin Bucket Spin Mop for easy wringing and rinsing

Microfibre technology helps lift and trap dirt with unique easy clean surface for superior clean

Dual refill ensures usage depending on cleaning occasion and frequency and ensures that it lasts longer

360 degree telescopic handle to reach nooks and corners easily

Material: Plastic, Color: Green

Package Contents: 1-Piece Bucket, 1-Piece Handle and 2-Piece Round Refills

No Warranty

Detachable handles: The handles of this adjustable mop that can be attached or detached to adjust the height of the mop as per the user’s convenience


  • The Scotch-Brite spin mop has twin buckets for washing and wringing the mop head
  • Microfiber refills has excellent water absorption and retention properties
  • Microfiber refill is superior and durable. It has a large surface contact
  • The Mop comes with a 360 degree rotating handle to ensure it reaches nooks and corners
  • The bucket is durable and handy. It lasts long
Twin Bucket mop

Scotch-Brite Twin Bucket Spin Mop

The Scotch-Bite Twin Bucket Spin Mop is very handy and can help you easily clean your home or office. The Mop comes with 2 Microfiber refills.


It has a sturdy 360 degree telescopic handle which is height adjustable and helps you reach nooks and corners of your house. The twin bucket mechanism helps you wash and wring the mop head easily.

Value for Money

The microfiber refill ensures that it picks up even fine dust and hair. Overall the Scotch-Brite twin bucket spin mop is very easy to store and use which makes cleaning an easy task for all.


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