OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition Review

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition Review

  • General: In-ear audio.
  • Weight. 28 / 26 grams.
  • Battery life. Up to 20 / 17 hours. 10 minutes charge for 10 hours of audio.
  • Battery charge method. USB Type-C.
  • Controls. Magnetic control.
  • Button. Quick Switch, volume, skip track, phone calls, voice assistant.
  • Sweat and water-resistant. IP55.


OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition

hello friends welcome to this is Aaditya from and in this Post we’re going to talk about the new oneplus bullet wireless z base edition we just launched alongside the oneplus 8t so  when the oneplus 8t was launched  oneplus also announced two new earphones so one is a tws and second one is the bullet wireless z base edition now we had reviewed the bullet wireless z  back when it was released and we mentioned that it has a really good sound quality but one of the things which is  lacking on the bullet wireless the original version was base now base was something which is more or less balanced on the bullet wirelessly.

But for people who love bass deep bass they want in their earphones the bullet wirelessly was not a great option but now  bullet wireless z the base edition has been launched so we’re gonna talk about this how good it is how is the base and the overall sound quality that’s what we’re going to talk about in this video so if this is your first time on this website then don’t forget to stay tune with us.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition

So let’s get started so this is the box package so nothing much changed the design has been slightly changed in terms of the box package and you can see that base boost is there charged 10 minutes for 10 hours so that has been the case with the original wireless now it’s 17 hours of battery life it has slightly reduced from 20 hours to 17 hours so three hours reduction with the new base boost then clear and stable coils water resist and sweat resistant magnetic control.

so those things remains the same it is again two thousand rupees in terms of pricing and I will share the link in the description of this post. if you want to buy it after reading this post .

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition review india 2021

So  that’s the device so now it again comes with the same 9.2 mm driver but this time it has been re-engineered for base so let’s see how it looks and how it performs so this is the new bullet wireless you can now see that  the design wise there isn’t any change it’s the same design you can see that  here you have the matte finish and the glossy finish on the back we have the magnetic mechanism included and  the  the wires look really good it’s a flexible one .


here we have the battery as well as the buttons and the USB type-c charging port the buttons for volume up and down and the central button for play pause it’s a multi-function button and we have the microphone and the quality wise again it’s pretty flexible you can see that  extremely flexible and nothing much changed in terms of design

now battery life there has been a reduction in battery life you can see that this is now 17 hours compared to the bullet wireless the original one having 20 hours so there is a three hours reduction because of the re-engineered base performance and the max volume again was pretty good now you can charge the device using the usb type-c cable and this has warp charging 10 minutes of charging will give you 10 hours of music playback something which is very very good and you get around 17 hours maximum playback time so 17 hours again that depends upon what type of i mean what sound you’re listening if it is hundred percentage you might get lesser if it is like 70 80 percentage of the max volume you might get even better so that depends upon user to user and maximum is like 17 ever so you should be getting around like 14 15 hours on an average that should be pretty good enough it should last a day because you won’t be listening to songs all the day so it should last like an average day it should last easily so that is the bullet wireless the base edition so overall

comfort & Built Quality

aspect now again comfort aspect it’s exactly the same as the previous bullet wireless season again no change we have tried it for longer time and absolutely no issues and the fitting inside the use is again good you do get additional ear tips if you want to try out that it is available in the box package along with that you also get  the type 8 to type c cable the small cable which Oneplus provides that’s also included in the box package so design wise nothing changed you can see that build quality looks good when you attach the device to the magnetic lock  the earphones switch it’s off and when you open it your phone switches on and it actually automatically plays the song in case you’re playing any song and if you lock it and it goes to power off mode once you detach it the power gets turned on and then it starts playing the music again this functionality may not be available in all the smartphones we tried with the oneplus 8 pro and other oneplus devices that works really well.


Now  talking about the other aspect you get the ip55 rating which is the same on the original bullet wireless z and we have a 9.2 mm driver now  important thing about this is that the driver has been  re-engineered by the Oneplus team  for more base performance that’s why you get the base boost on this now talking about the codec it’s again the asc and sbc codec now for calls again this is very good earphones we didn’t see any issues it was pretty good in terms of call quality as well we have used the bullet wirelessly previously so again some same thing is retained here now in terms of latency  the bullet wireless the original one had a 110 millisecond latency with Oneplus devices and fanatic mode turned on now here we have 100 millisecond latency with the Oneplus devices and latency i mean the fanatic mode turned on it’s available only for one plus devices otherwise it’s not that good in terms of latency and now talking about the codec supported it again supports aac and sbc codec you can actually change from the Oneplus device so you can switch between them now talking about the sound quality that’s the most important aspect because all remains the same the sound quality is something which has been changed here

Bass and Sound

now first let’s talk about the regular quality of OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition you can you can actually feel that the vocals are pretty good no change in that again a really crystal clear vocals overall sound clarity also looks good that has been retained and no major change in that now talking about the bass as the bass has been improved here now a oneplus bullet z didn’t have that kind of base which people in India would actually like now with Oneplus bullet wireless z based edition the base has definitely improved and it feels nicer and punchier than the original bullet wirelessly now there is no compromise on the audio quality we felt that the audio quality was more or less same even with the higher bass and even max volume we didn’t see the bass including too much into the audio quality that was never felt and it was more or less balanced and apart from that the base quality was adequate again is it a good enough base that again depends upon person to place and for me it was definitely better than the original bullet wirelessly and it was more or less adequate because I have a person who doesn’t require that higher punchier bass i need bass but not just the bass alone i want a more balanced earphone in that way the oneplus bullet wirelessly based solution does pretty well the bass has been improved and overall the sound quality remains the same and we didn’t see any issues there so so that is the base performance

we feel OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition has definitely improved the base performance on this and if you’re looking for a new earphones the wireless one with a pretty good bass and good sound quality the oneplus bullet wirelessly based edition definitely fits in there and the pricing right now is one triple nine which is two thousand rupees and there might be a price increase afterwards and we grab it from one plus dotting so that was  the new bullet wireless based edition earphones hope you enjoyed watching this video do hit that like button and also hit the red subscribe button for more videos thanks for watching hope to see in our next video have a great day