Buy Logitech G102 Light Sync Gaming Mouse with Customizable RGB Lighting, ligest gaming mouse

Buy Logitech G102 Light Sync Gaming Mouse with Customizable RGB Lighting, ligest gaming mouse

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COLORFUL LIGHTSYNC RGB : Play in colour with our most vibrant LIGHTSYNC RGB featuring colour wave effects that are customisable across 16.8 million colours. 8,000 DPI sensor.

CLASSIC,GAMER TESTED DESIGN : Play comfortably and with total control. The simple 6-button layout and classic gaming shape form a comfortable, time-tested and loved design

MECHANICAL SPRING BUTTON TENSIONING: Primary buttons are mechanical and tensioned with durable metal springs for reliability, performance and an excellent feel

CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS : To suit the sensitivity you like with Logitech G HUB gaming software and cycle easily through up to 5 DPI settings

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS : Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OSTM, USB port, Internet access for Logitech Gaming Software (optional). USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1ms)

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6 Programmable Buttons, Gaming Grade Sensor, 8 k dpi Tracking,16.8mn Color, Light Weight (Black) Online at Low Prices in India

10 reviews for Buy Logitech G102 Light Sync Gaming Mouse with Customizable RGB Lighting, ligest gaming mouse

  1. Rachit Katiyar

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     Logitech g102 mouse is indeed one of the best budget gaming mouse. So I bought this white variant 2nd gen and it works perfectly for me.As far as I can feel it’s easy to hold but at the same time it’s quite smooth so if you’re a hardcore gamer you’ll need a control type mousepad to handle this mouse.It has rgb lighting which is quite fancy and can be controlled by logitech software.Many people complain about less availability of white variant so keep your notifications on!I bought it for ₹1150.Thankyou for reading! Do vote helpful😁

  2. Adithya A.

    One the best mouse out there.Its ergonomic and of the right wieght.The super smooth feet of the mouse helps aim better and land headshots more often.Its basically a rebranded G203.The only downsides are• The side button requiring more force which causes you to click the LMB accidentally• Although the rgb lighting of the mouse is great,the software lacks polish and it is quite buggy ,I noticed it sometimes changes my mouse profile automatically even though I locked it.•The seller didn’t do a good job packing it as the box had some dents and the edges tore off during shipping

  3. vicky

    Good gaming mouse for budget wise because it comes with 300 to 8000 dpi and it’s a classic model mouse ,. U can set any dpi between those in g hub Logitech software which can be downloaded from google ,. Overall it’s gud ,.

  4. Raghvendra Singh

    Some people say that this mouse double click but it depends on speed and place if you hit edge hardly then it will double click but when you hit softly it will not double click TBH I want this mouse to double click because I am a Minecraft gamer and you can perform different clicking method like jitter butterfly and drag clicking and customization is so good and you get that extra free sticker XD.

  5. Arvind Rana

    I used the 1st Gen G102 and absolutely loved that mouse. Used it for over 3 years and was lucky that didn’t come across the double click issue. Recently got the G102 Lightsync aka 2nd Gen G102 in White because this shape is perfect for me. The Lightsync RGB looks so sick! There isn’t much difference in the 1st gen and 2nd gen except for some minor changes like 8000 DPI vs 6000, Max acceleration of 40G, etc.Logitech on the official website says that the company has optimized the button tensioning so I hope in the long run I won’t face any Double Click issue.In short, if you want to buy a gaming mouse and your budget is under 1500, look no further and get the G102 Lightsync. You’re going to Love it!!

  6. dhanush

    Considering the price point,it is totally worth it. Now i can perform those 180°flicks accurately. The rgb is customisable with the software. It is light and easy to hold. The sensor is excellent considering the price. I suggest to go for this mouse over other at this budget. The only thing that concerns me is it may catch some dark patches on the surface of the click buttons in the long run. Since this mouse is white, it bothers me. The performance is just topnotch. If you’re thinking about this or g402, i would choose this. And those side buttons are also very solid and long lasting. The scroll wheel is perfect and sturdy. Not to forget the dpi customisation range is huge, and can be customised for preferred applications also. Refarding this price point, the sensor is topnotch, it can read very high accelerations which allows you to take your flicks to the next level. This sensor is one of the best for gaming.

  7. Edward k.

    Build Quality is really good (scroll wheel feels relatively cheap)Comes with a long cable which is goodVery comfortable8000dpi comes in handy in games like ApexBought it for Rs.1599


    Practically speaking this is the best gaming mouse, I have bought this one after reviewing more than 15-20 gaming mouses,-You Can Change DPI in this mouse Using 400 to 3200 DPI.-6 LED color Working perfectly and looks awesome.- in Game it is easy to operate.-Wire Quality of is Thik and long time durable.-I play PUBG PC version, seems perfect for same kind of games.- You can add additional in game function using Logitech G HUB.Overall excellent Product in given Price Dont think Its awesome.

  9. Adithya Narayanan

    Got it just for Rs.1,100 and got the white version, used it regularly for 2 weeks and I’m very happy with, crossing my fingers the infamous double click error doesnt start for me in the coming months.Pros:Fully customizable softwareManual DPI and Polling rate adjustmentVery comfortable to holdAble to ‘pick and flick’ in gaming quite wellCons:My only is that I fear the white color might get tarnished in the coming months, So I’ll update the condition after a couple of months.

  10. kRishna Sapui

    Product is working fine,Awesome i love it and its fit in my small hand.No issue with the product.But one issue i have that is i have received open seal product and and used product may be someone use this for 3-4 days then return it its little bit dirty . But its ok because its work fine

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