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Top 10 Best Indian fighter jet India 2021

Top 10 Best Indian fighter jet India 2021

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Indian fighter jet India 2021

Hello Guys welcome to here we are going to tell you Top 10 Best Indian fighter jet India 2021 

India’s air force is the fourth largest air force  in the entire world to complete on the global stage. The Indian Air Force or the IAF must have personnel, who are highly trained as well as be equipped with the best aircraft welcome to  My name is Aaditya  and I searched up ten of the top 10 best aircraft in India and I’m counting down all the way from number 10 to number 1.

10. Ilyushin Il-78  Indian fighter jet

Here we have the  Ilyushin Il-78 that’s aircraft we’re gonna be starting off with and it is an aerial refueling tanker. it’s used for air-to-air refueling purposes and it can refuel almost all aircraft and helicopter in the Indian Air Force. the Indian Air Force first received this aircraft in 2003 and it made its first public appearance in the Air Force Day Parade on October 8th 2003. the power plants use our for a viet vega tell d30 KP turbofans and each of them give 27,000 pound force of thrust it can hit a top speed of 850 kilometers an hour.


9. c-130j super Hercules

next up come in the list of Top 10 Best Indian fighter jet India 2021 India at number 9. we have the c-130j super Hercules . the super Hercules is a transport aircraft made by the American company lockheed martin. the Indian air force bought six back in 2008 to be used by its special forces the IAF later added Indian base equipment to the aircraft as upgrades and the aircraft is powered by four rolls-royce AE 2100 d3 turboprop engines with a dowdy r39 1/6 blade composite propellers. the aircraft can reach a maximum speed of 671 kilometers an hour

8. c-17 Globemaster 3

The next aircraft were looking at is the c-17 Globemaster 3. the c-17 Globemaster 3 is a large military transport aircraft the Indian Air Force and Boeing the company agreed on terms for the order of 10 c-17 aircraft in February of 2011. the aircraft is powered by four Pratt & Whitney f-117 pw100 turbofans how these fans produce forty thousand four hundred and forty pound force of thrust each, the c-17 top speed is 829 Kilometres an hour and it’s a great addition to the Air Force due to it – coal weapons and ability to move troops.

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III


7. mig-21 

Next mig-21 comes in at number seven the mig-21 is a supersonic fighter jet and is designed by Mikoyan-gurevich design bureau back in the soviet union the Indian air force by the way is the third largest operator of the mig-21 in the world and the aircraft is powered by a single two-man ski are 25 to 3 hundred turbofan engine producing 15,000 650 pound force of thrust with afterburn the mig-21 is super fast reaching maximum speeds of 2,175 kilometers that thing can zip through the sky


6. Sepecat jaguar

Next up I want to look at the Sepecat jaguar. let’s take a look the Sepecat jaguar is an attack aircraft and this is a beautiful piece of machinery look at this thing the Indian Air Force had ordered 40 jaguars built in Europe and 120 license-built aircraft from Hal under the Indian name Shamsher. which stands for sword of justice the aircraft uses two Rolls-royce Turbomeca a door, MK 102 turbofans and they produce 5115 pound force of thrust each this aircraft is a maximum speed of 1699 kilometers an hour.

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5. Hal Tejas

This list of Top 10 Best Indian fighter jet. India would not be complete without mentioning the Hal Tejas.  it’s a single-seat multi-role lightweight fighter jet developed by aeronautical Development Agency or ABA as well as the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited HAL this was created for the Indian Air Force and Navy the power plant uses general electric f404 GEF2J3 turbofan engines with afterburn the aircraft and fly at a top speed of mach 1.8 that’s 2205 kilometers an hour and it can climb to a max altitude of 15,000 200 meters.


4.Dassault Mirage 2000

Dassault Mirage 2000 is up next this aircraft is a French multi-role fourth-generation fighter jet made by Dassault Aviation. the Indian air force purchased 49 mirage 2000 in the 1980s among them 42 are single seaters and seven are two-seaters trainer aircraft in 2004. the Indian government approved the purchase of ten more mirages the aircraft is powered by a single SN ECMA m53 p2 afterburning turbofan it can achieve a top speed of two thousand three hundred and thirty six kilometers an hour. so that thing can like really really fly even though it’s an old aircraft it’s still one of the most versatile jets in the Indian Air Force

Dassault Mirage 2000


3. Mikoyan mig-29

The number three spot goes to the Mikoyan mig-29. the mig-29 is a jet fighter aircraft manufactured by McCoy and back in the Soviet Union the Indian Air Force was a very first international buyer of the mig-29 and this particular aircraft was extensively used during the 1999 Kargil war in Kashmir by the IAF.  now what powers the aircraft is a twin kill mob rd-33 afterburning turbofans producing eighteen thousand three hundred pound force of thrust it has a maximum speed of 2,400 kilometers an hour so we’re coming down to the wire we got two aircrafts left can you guess what they are?

Mikoyan mig-29


2.Dessau Raphael

So number two second spot goes to the Dessau Raphael. the day saw travail is a French twin-engine multi-role fighter aircraft that was developed by Dassault Aviation in 2012. the day saw travail was chosen by the Indian Air Force as its preferred Omni role fighter jet and India just had to get some ordered it has a top speed of over 1920 kilometers an hour and it’s equipped with meteor BVR Aam missiles.

Dessau Raphael


1.Sukhoi su-30mki (Top 10 Best Indian fighter jet India 2021)

So finally the number one of Top 10 Best Indian fighter jet India 2021 in the Indian Air Force is the Sukhoi su-30mki. it’s a multi-role air superiority fighter developed in Russia by Sukhoi design bureau and it was built under Licence by India’s how the Indian air force has 200 of these in service and the fighter jet is powered by two Lioka AI 30 FP thrust vector turbo fans producing twenty seven thousand five hundred sixty pound force each with after burn. the jet is able to achieve a top speed of 2001 kilometres an hour and it’s equipted with the very best of the best when it comes to weaponary and it’s Indian Air Force’s top aircraft so that’s a look at the 10 best Indian aircraft

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