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what are the disadvantage of 5g radiation

what are the side effects of 5g radiation and some disadvantages of 5g radiation

Hello guys this is Aaditya from , Here we will discuss about what are the side effects of 5g radiation and some disadvantages of 5g radiation . so let’s get started.

What is 5g radiation how it harms human body

What is 5G?

5g is the fifth generation of wireless data networks and it will improve them far more than 4G or 3G ever could you’ll feel it in your phone your home your car and in the city and town around you downloads and streaming should happen literally without delay cars will talk to each other to prevent collisions an untethered augmented and virtual reality can finally be achieved with real-time response not to mention industrial benefits like remote surgery or drone control 5g does it’s magic with three key abilities first high bandwidth 4G could only muster about 200 megabits per second of data throughput on a good day 5g can handle up to 1 gigabit or more that’s a thousand megabits a second on up low latency 4G suffers from around a hundred milliseconds or so in response delay or latency 5g reaction time can be as low as 1 millisecond which makes everything happen virtually instantly and dense connections in a given square kilometer 4G could only manage to connect about 1/10 the amount of devices as 5g can.

if that’s some of what 5g does how does it do it 5g uses new radio technology the part of any wireless device that makes the connection 5g uses some radio frequencies in a band known as sub 6 from 600 megahertz to 6 gigahertz part of which is also used by current 4G LTE but 5g will also use a higher band of radio frequencies from 24 gigahertz to as high as 86 these much higher frequencies bring with them much higher data rates now while these new 5g radio waves can carry more data with higher performance they can’t carry it as far so 5g will use a lot of so-called small cells.

These are small versions of the big cellular towers we all know 5g will also use some new tricks in these small cells like beamforming to efficiently aim transmissions rather than just spray everything everywhere the bottom line though you will need new phones tablet portable hot spots on the like with a 5g radio inside to connect to the new 5g networks your current 4G or even 3G gear can’t tap into it 5g networks will also position more data and computing resources closer to you that will avoid blunting 5 G’s low latency benefits most of us do you think of phones when we think of wireless networks but phones may actually be the least interesting thing about 5g.

it will also power autonomous cars so they have awareness of every other car bike pedestrian and traffic signal around them smart cities based on 5g can make almost anything that’s electric also connected and aware when a bridge needs repair why can’t it tell someone with a mesh of 5g connected sensors it could and then there’s your home 5g will offer a new way to get internet there is skewing cable or DSL and one day maybe even obviating your Wi-Fi router altogether as devices may just use 5g natively to connect directly to a wireless ISP 5g has renewed concerns about the safety of cellular radio waves some cities have taken action to block 5g deployment health questions come up around 5 G’s use of microwave frequencies lots of them as we’ve seen thanks for that large number of small cells that will be installed around us now while 5g may sound like a lot of microwave ovens mounted on poles running with their doors open in fact microwaves are nothing new already emitted by your current smartphone old cordless phones your wireless headphones and earbuds and just about anything with Wi-Fi as well as yes microwave ovens but even 5 G’s highest frequencies are considered by scientists to be non ionizing radiation you have to move on up to x-rays gamma rays and cosmic radiation to find the kind of emissions that will harm cells and 5g is far below that 5g follows the inverse square law losing power rapidly at even a small distance from the small cell the US CDC says there is no scientific evidence to provide a definite answer to the question of cellular radio wave safety what it’s 3G 4G or 5g 5g will take years to roll out and some investment on your part but the complexity of that deployment and debugging should be worth the wait delivering the world we’ve been promised for a long time where everything is connected aware and responsive and a world in which we can stop worrying about the availability of performance of connectivity in the first place


In this Post a brief explainer about the technology that has the potential to revolutionize the world fifth generation mobile network or 5g it has been designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including objects and devices with its ability to deliver high multi-GBPS peak data speeds very low latency and a massive network capacity 5g can make IOT or the internet of things a possibility before I get into the details of 5g.

Evolution of mobile networks

let us understand the evolution of mobile networks the first generation mobile network developed in the 1980s it delivered analog voice due to which people could talk from anywhere with just a mobile device that took wireless however noise was an issue this issue would later get resolved with the development of the second generation of mobile networks that developed during the 1990s it introduced us to digital voice which not only made our voice clearer but it also allowed us to send text messages then came the 3g during 2000s which introduced us to mobile data it allowed us to browse internet make video calls and download from the internet later in 2010s 4g evolved this enabled faster speeds than 3g crystal clear voice and low latency.

The decade of 2020s is going to see 5g evolve which has faster speeds than 4g and a much lower latency than the 4g the term latency refers to a time lag or delay in response 4g is known to have low latency but 5g is going to have negligible latency the latency of 3g was 80 milliseconds while the latency of 4g was 40 milliseconds which enabled us to play online games and streaming live videos now with 5g with the latency being just 21 to 26 milliseconds it’s going to enable machine-to-machine interaction or IOT or also called the internet of things 5g is definitely going to be better than 4g network not only because of the negligible response delay that i have already talked about but also because 5g is going to be 100 times faster than 4g to download a movie using 4g takes 45 to 50 minutes at least but the same movie can be downloaded within 9 minutes using a 5g network while 4g can support up to 4000 devices per square kilometer 5g can support up to 1 million devices for the same area you would have noticed times when your 4g network was quite slow this was the reason this problem was solved using a concept called millimeter wave spectrum which is a band of radio frequencies having extremely high frequency say about 30 to 300 gigahertz at present.

we use only 5 gigahertz in our mobile phones since frequencies are inversely proportional to wavelength extremely high frequency results in very low wavelengths wavelengths essentially 1 millimeters to 10 millimeter also known as millimeter waves radio waves that are currently used in our smartphone are in centimeters which is much larger than millimeter waves so far the concept of millimeter waves was used only in radar systems and satellites with 5g coming into existence there can be various applications that has the potential to revolutionize this world virtual reality refers to a computer generated simulation in which a person can interact within an artificial three-dimensional environment using electronic devices such as special goggles with a screen or gloves fitted with sensors while augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer generated perceptual information sometimes across multiple sensors that include visual elements sound and other sensory stimulus with the evolution of 5g virtual and augmented reality can be accessible to more and more people,

further artificial intelligence which refers to the simulation of human intelligence and machines or in simple words robots can be enhanced using 5g technology another major work in progress is the internet of things where many physical devices around the world can now be connected by using the internet this enables the machine to machine interaction even without human interference

let me give you an example of what internet of things can do say for instance your garden sprinklers are integrated with sensors which are connected to the internet now these sensors can work in such a way they get information related to weather reports and other important information that enables the garden sprinklers to switch on in case the weather report reads that it’s going to be a rainy day the garden sprinklers may not switch on on that day or may switch on just for what amount of water the plants require but if it’s going to be a hot dry day the garden sprinklers might be on for much more time than usual this has two benefits firstly it enables us to conserve water by not letting us waste too much water on a rainy day and second it does not let our gardens dry out due to lack of water by automatically readjusting the amount of water according to the weather of the day this is just a small example of what internet of things can do if developed further we can integrate our entire house with such sensors connected to the internet in such a way that every device or machine inside the house interacts with each other making our lives easy

all this can be made possible with faster networks such as 5g other applications include driverless cars enhancement of robotic or much complex surgeries in medical field and improvement of online education especially in uncertain times such as pandemic and the list can go on and on if I have to talk about the applications of 5g


Disadvantages of 5g radiation

There are certain disadvantages of 5g radiation one major drawback is that the millimeter wave concept is not capable of penetrating structures and other obstacles even rain can absorb these signals any interruptions by physical structures such as walls and buildings can either block or disrupt the 5g networks as high frequency signals can be absorbed by these structures the rollout cost of 5g infrastructure can be high as it requires the construction of new infrastructure and also the maintenance of such high speed connectivity so the customers might have to bear the brunt of these big price tags furthermore this might lead to a digital divide as rural areas might have lesser access to 5g networks 5g network can easily drain your batteries and also make your phones increasingly hot and finally the uploading speed may not match the download speed it may be faster than 4g but it is not as fast as the 5g downloading speed which probably is for the 6th generation evolution to handle.


Disadvantages of 5g technology the another disadvantage is broadcast distance or device penetration one cat is that these frequency waves can only travel a short distance just like five five gigahertz Wi-Fif doesn’t travel as far as 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi and 5g Cellular will not travel as far from the tower as 4G also the millimeter 5g waves will only travel well in the line of sight when increase buildings walls or other obstacles will block disrupt or absorb the high-frequency signal some have even predicted that crane could potentially be a problem for 5g connections.

The next disadvantage of 5g radiation is the battery drain or heat phones running on 5g will experience a huge battery drain better battery technology will be needed if the object is to run your phone full day on a single charge running a 5g connection users are also reporting that phones are almost too hot to touch while running 5g.

The next disadvantage of 5g radiation is upload speeds with the current technology users see download speed speeds as high as 1.9 Gbps however rarely are the upload speed seen over 100 Mbps granted this is far superior to 4G LTE however the current upload speeds seen by actual 5g users are not as groundbreaking as the download speeds also the ping speeds seen by users on 5g phones are currently not in the anticipated low latency of 1 milliseconds or less the actual speeds are being seen in the 15 millisecond range.

The next disadvantage of 5g radiation is the lack of widespread coverage currently 5g coverage is limited to narrowly defined areas in specific cities as a rule the carriers will be expanding their network in areas with the greatest population if you live or work in certain areas of big cities it will most likely to be the first to benefit from the 5g technology for everyone else especially in remote areas it will be some time before it arrives carriers are more likely to spend their network upgrade dollars with the greatest number of the users reside or work the last disadvantage is the security and privacy issues in the 5g vault has more viewer variable devices and smart appliances connect to a network they will transmit personal and more sensitive information for example a heart rate or insulin monitor will record and transmit sensitive personal medical information which would need protection so as there are more areas of hacking into 5g networks there is a little more security and privacy risk as compared to 4 so these were some advantages and disadvantages of the 5g technology now let’s talk about is 5g a health hazard now some people have said that 5g can be a health hazard as it can release frequencies which can harm the body these reports are inconclusive at best the frequencies which are released by 5t are comparable to that of 4G and have the same detrimental health issues that a 4G technology would have so it doesn’t represent any added or any incremental health hazards as compared to 4G so if you’re good at using 4qi then using 5g technology wouldn’t be a problem overall 5g is a great change that will greatly increase our network speeds and will enable us to make innovations previously not thought of so these are some pros and cons of 5g and my views about 5g be no health hazard if you liked the video please hit on the subscribe and like button and if you have any questions regarding 5g let me know in the comments so that I can get back to you signing off stay safe you

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Finally to conclude this post  of  side effects of 5g radiation and some disadvantages of 5g radiation. I would like to say that with enhanced technology improved speeds and increased capacities this has the potential to improve global and the Indian economy hence 5g or the 5th generation is the way forward that’s all for this.  guys thank you for supporting me so far please keep supporting me by liking this post and sharing it with as many people as you can and also stay tune with