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natural body without supplements

Can we make natural body without supplements

Welcome to it’s Aaditya, I decided to address an issue in this Post that if something is really disturbing to me that Can we make natural body without supplements and I think a lot of you guys can definitely relate to this and it’s a question of can you build muscle without taking supplements and it’s kind of a sad question really because it tells me that the person asking the question isn’t aware what it really takes to build muscles so they have been sold on a dream by the marketing companies by the supplement companies that you need a certain supplement in order to build muscle and that is definitely not true it’s absolutely 100% possible to build muscle without any supplement .

natural body without supplements
Natural body without supplements

A supplement an extra it’s an extra it can be convenient in certain cases and I’m going to dive into my recommendation I’m going to tell you which supplements I do recommend even for beginners but it is not a necessity that is the important picture here a one a famous researcher from the fitness world put it really well when he designed the way you look at nutrition as a pyramid so foundation of this pyramid would be consistency obviously foundation of every discipline and skill is consistency

The first element in the pyramid the biggest element in the pyramid is calories in calories out the energy balance the second element is the macro nutrient content of your diet getting proper amount of protein getting a proper balance between carbohydrates and fats then the next one it’s kind of the middle level then we’re talking about micronutrients we’re talking about fiber and then above that we have nutrient timing we have when how many meals are you going to have when they’re those meals are going to come in and then the final element the whole thing shining on top of that pyramid or the supplements that account only for about two to three percent of difference in the end result and that is the right picture , but what the marketing has you do and has you thinking is that that so that poor pyramid is reverse right the the bottom of the pyramid.


According to the marketing and according to the supplement companies are the supplements obviously right so you can’t even build muscle without supplements so that’s a crazy claim and if you really look at the packaging of any protein supplements or any VCA supplement or whatever you know it’s like building muscle increasing muscle mass build more lean muscle mass lose more fat and all these things but it’s not the right context they don’t put the context there right people think okay

If I just take this I’m going to build muscle obviously that’s not how it works if you look at the studies if you’re taking enough protein already from your diet any added protein on top of that will not help right it will not build more muscle and that’s what people are missing they’re missing the greater context but the supplement company can simply take it out of the context say okay this build muscle well obviously let’s say if you’re 160 pound male and if you’re taking only a hundred grams of protein and if you add two scoops of whey or any other sub plant on top of that like a protein powder then you amp up your protein intake to 150 hundred sixty grams obviously that will enhance your results but if you’re already getting about 160 grams of protein from your diet adding that way on top of that will not make any difference and that is the context when you put in the right context now you can understand the information put up by this supplement company and that is the thing that most guys don’t realize

They read like a zinc supplement or enhances immune system better sleep oh this and that well of course but if you’re missing zinc if you’re not missing zinc then it’s a waste of money right so that is how you want to look at supplements and again that pyramid that it was put together by Eric Holmes is the right way of looking at things is the way you want to look at nutrition as I said consistency is a big foundation under the pyramid then comes the energy balance really calories in calories out then come the macronutrients the micronutrients in the fiber the nutrient timing and then these supplements is like a little cherry on top of the cake that’s how much of importance they have they’re not the foundation about that they can be convenient to some cases and really my recommendations for beginners would be don’t take any supplements like if you can get your diet in order get plenty of protein get plenty of calories get your carbs in your fats I would not take any supplements whatsoever at least not in the beginning don’t rely on supplements

if you don’t have to but they can be convenient so here are my recommendations what I recommend if you really want the except oints if you do want to invest in that what can help well weight to help with convenience and help you get that protein amount that you need and help you get that high protein that more consistent than it without whey protein on top of that omega-3 fish all it has been shown to be beneficial there might be some extra benefits if you’re not this is the key if you’re not eating fish on a regular basis if you are eating fish on a regular basis that is rich in omega-3 is even supplementary omega-3 will be a waste of money a multivitamin it might be an interesting thing to look for as a simple insurance to be sure that you’re not missing anything but is it going to make your Superman it’s going to make your superhero are you going to be Batman or whatever no obviously not I mean taking a multivitamin won’t make any difference whatsoever you will not feel it or whatever if you’re missing something might help a little bit but if you’re not missing anything basically nothing but it’s a cool insurance that doesn’t cost a lot of money and allows you to just have I guess a better sleep at night you don’t have to think about it aside from that creatine has been proven to enhance performance which I would recommend people taking it obviously you want to basically consult with your physician has to be taken and the other supplements before you take creatine.

I’ve made post and all these supplements before which will be in the description below all my recommendations aside from that there’s only two things out on extra I would recommend that is vitamin d3 if you’re not living in a sunny country like I’m currently in INDIA, I’m getting enough Sun I’m walking around the day I am basically on the spending a lot of time at the beach I get plenty of Sun and I don’t take vitamin d3 but if you’re living in Scandinavia if you’re living in northern northern parts of America where you don’t get enough Sun if you’re living in a city where you don’t really have time to walk around the Sun vitamin d3 has been shown to be beneficial both both in boosting your immune system also in terms of the star shown improving also to help functions

I would highly highly recommend supplementing with that and the final supplement is kind of a performance enhancer you’ll know it you’ll probably use it at some point that is the caffeine right caffeine can help I look at it as a supplement it definitely can help in terms of getting some extra performance especially if you had a long day at work and you have to exercise at night maybe having some caffeine will help you it can get up to speed in terms of like getting warmed up getting more men performance getting more focus essentially after a long day or if you’re training in the morning it can help you basically get that warm-up state where you’re really fat your focus faster you can get into the workout faster and can mitigate some of those effects by waking up early in the morning to exercise and that is about it that’s the whole list and if you look at all these supplements I mean they really have the evidence behind them I’m going to leave the evidence in the description below asides from this most other stuff is a complete waste of money right it’s a complete waste of money so really put this in the right perspective see what your diet is focus on the big picture things focus on the on the pyramid like focus on the essence works on the foundation focus on the first couple of first those levels of pyramid like energy and energy out if you’re not counting your calories you’re not counting your macros if you’re not getting a proper out of sleep if you’re not exercising on a regular basis I mean looking at the supplements is a complete waste of time.

So first handle the lifestyle factors and then look for an extra edge which can only be an extra edge if the foundation is really really solid so that is my message to you can you build muscle without sup on it yeah you can build a ton of muscle without supplements highly highly recommended to try out without any supplementation whatsoever so hope you guys enjoyed this quick video here from split croatia. let me know in the comments below what are you currently taking what’s up points are currently taking post them in the comments below let’s see what you guys are taking aside from that


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